Stop SmokingStop Smoking

Are You Determined To Stop Smoking?

  • Are you fed up with cigarettes controlling you?
  • Do you want rid of that annoying cough?
  • Fed up with being breathless?
  • Worried about your health?

How can Hypnotherapy Help With Quitting Smoking?

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help you stop smoking once and for all. With just one session we can help you to quit the habit and gain control of your life again.

We do this by changing your subconscious habits relating to smoking and encouraging new healthier choices.

Therapy Session

Total Price £200

Duration of session: 2.5 hours

One session

Client Reviews

"I have wanted to stop smoking for over 20 years, I have tried many different methods to accomplish this and failed on every one. I had a two hour therapy session and three weeks later I can honestly say my attitude towards smoking has changed and I haven't wanted to pick up a cigarette let alone smoke one. Many thanks, highly recommended!!"- Alex Brake

"After 25 years of smoking 20/30 per day one visit to Inner you and I now smoke nil, can't thank you enough you made it so simple and easy to quit after years of trying, now thinking of what needs fixing next" - Chris Cloke

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