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How Does Hypnotherapy Help Cure Fears & Phobias

Are your fears and phobias holding you back in life?

Fears and phobias are common amongst many of us and can vary in strength from person to person. A phobia is explained as "an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something". So this could be a fear of flying, spiders, clowns or maybe even claustrophobia.

Many of us are able to live along side our fears but sometimes they can be overwhelming and stop us from doing things that we would normally do.

Hypnotherapy and NLP is a fantastic way to help you combat fears and phobias. Within two to six sessions (depending on the phobia) you will have over come your fears and be able to get on with life without your phobias holding you back.

Therapy Session

£50 Per Session

Duration of session: 1 hour

Recommended sessions: 2 - 6

Client Review

"I honestly cannot believe you have taken away my fear of spiders! I was so scared of spiders that if i saw one in my bedroom, when I was trying to sleep, I would be up all night trying to get the courage to go near it to capture it. Whilst standing there praying that it didn't run off out of sight otherwise I would never get to sleep not knowing where it had gone. I had just 4 sessions with Inner You and whilst I still wouldn't have a spider as a pet I'm no long frightened of spiders and can easily capture them and throw them out of a window. Thanks Victoria, amazing!" - Sandra T

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