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Are You Currently Going Through a Loss Or Bereavement?

Losing someone or even something can be one of the hardest times of our lives. It doesn't always have to be a loss of a person that can stop us in our tracks. It can sometimes be a loss of a pet, relationship or maybe a career...

How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Loss & Bereavement?

Although with any loss and bereavement there is a natural time cycle that we all have to go through. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to re-balance the mind and to help deal with all the negative emotions that surround loss. In just six sessions we will enable you to move forward in life with much more positive thoughts, beliefs and confidence.

Therapy Session

£50 Per Session

Duration of session: 1 hour

Recommended sessions: 6

Client Review

"I wanted to leave a review for Inner You because I'm so glad that my cousin put me in touch with them. I didn't think I would ever get back any normality in my life after losing someone so close to me. Inner You have made this sad time in my life so much more manageable." - Sue R

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