Does Birth Have To Be Painful? Simple Answer... No!

Often in life we find it's the expectation of something which becomes reality. How many times have you heard other mothers comparing how painful their labour was, almost like a competition or a badge of honor.

With hypnobirthing our aim is to rid you of all preconceived ideas of how birth is and implant new positive thoughts in how your birth will be.

Included in the 3 sessions we will cover... hypnosis, massage techniques, creating a relaxed environment, discovering your birthing partners role and much much more.

Therapy Session

Total Price £225

Duration of session: 1 - 2 hours

Over three sessions

Client Review

"Wow, a big thanks to Victoria for making my labour so much more painless and enjoyable!"- Samantha D

General Hypnotherapy RegisterCNHC Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

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