Lacking Confidence

Many people suffer with a lack of confidence at times in their lives. It may be that you have to give an important speech somewhere or maybe you lack confidence when it comes to dating. Or it could simply be that getting through day to day tasks seems overwhelming.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Confidence

With Hypnotherapy we can help you to get rid of all the underlying issues and give you the confidence that you deserve to make your life easier and happier.

Therapy Session

£50 Per Session

Duration of session: 1 hour

Recommended sessions: 6

Client Reviews

"At first I was really skeptical about hypnotherapy but I made an appointment with Inner You. Victoria was absolutely great! The sessions have totally helped me! I might even go back for just relaxation purposes. I can't recommend their service enough. Thanks again" - Lauren T

"I've had five really enjoyable sessions and it has considerably boosted my confidence ... Thank you Inner You ..." - Ellie Monument

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The meaning of Inner You "a person's true or internal mind, soul, or nature. A quest to find your inner self and your own uniqueness. The search for the Inner self through symbolism, interpretation of dreams, symbolic association and repressed sexuality.